How to Choose the Photographer of My Wedding in Easy Steps

With a growing demand for several years, the job of videographer is developing very rapidly. As for the choice of the photographer, do not hesitate to have precise criteria concerning the selection of this one. Choose the best wedding video photographer in Melbourne.

Here are our tips for asking the right questions to your candidates and making the right choice of wedding video in Melbourne.

1.The experience

As for the realization of a photo report of quality, wedding video Melbourne requires a very particular know-how. Between amateurs claiming a certain talent and the real professionals, there are sometimes real differences and unpleasant surprises can be unveiled during the delivery of the film.

Better then a videographer who is broken to the exercise. Do not hesitate to question candidates about the number of events they have covered, since when and how they have been trained.

2.The material

After the know-how of the candidates, this is the other essential element! Make sure that their equipment is new and that in the event of a possible failure of their cameras or SLR cameras, videographers have emergency devices. Same thing for sound equipment because a beautiful picture without a good sound can transmit the magic of your moment.


Be alert to candidates' offers and their contents. Please specify exactly the times, number, duration and format of the videos that will be delivered.

Do not hesitate to ask if the production of a teaser will be done, if the guests will be interviewed or if they work alone or assisted by an assistant.

4.The deadlines

In order to avoid an endless waiting and to discover the reportage of your marriage more than one year after this one is held, ask the time of delivery of the production.

5.In case of problem or absence

And yes it can happen, hazards can happen and no one is safe from being sick on D-day. That's why it is necessary to check if your videographer has a plan B in case of absence, but also in case of technical concern as highlighted above. Often overlooked or even forgotten by the bride and groom, the question of securing and saving data must be asked. Finally, please ensure that your provider has professional insurance.

wedding video melbourne

Choose best wedding video photographer

The photographer for wedding video Melbourne occupies an increasingly important place in weddings. It captures your most beautiful moments, engraved for eternity on glossy paper. That's why finding the right provider, the one who will immortalize your happiness, is essential. After reading these steps , you will be able to make the best choice.

1. Step 1. Set the style and budget
2. Step 2. Start the search
3. Step 3. The individual interview

Set the style and budget

If you do not know about the various existing styles, know that photojournalism is becoming more and more popular. It is about photographing by telling a story, without poses, with different shots and by capturing unique expressions. Intimately linked to artistic photography, it has only one goal: to capture the essence of your marriage, with spontaneity.

The budget for the photographer

It is important that you know the budget awarded to each part of the wedding. The photographer requires an important part, his work being more and more appreciated and valued. Therefore, we recommend that you allocate 10% of the total budget.

Start the search

Like the reception venues, the majority of photographers are known to all grooms and the best ones tend to fly away quickly. Once the style of your photo shoot is chosen, and therefore your search field is reduced, we advise you to start the search a year in advance if you get married in high season, and at least six months for any other period.

Opinions and recommendations

Our fact sheets and photographers' websites are full of photos of their work. Ideal to familiarize yourself with the world of photography. You can view reviews online, but also contact old customers or look for recommendations on specialized sites.

Create a list of finalists

When you have selected several, create a list of potential photographers. Compare everyone’s work and style before electing the finalist.

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